Previous Workshops

Prime Re Academy - stands for reengineering the academic state-of-the art into practical applications. It is a "refinery" of useful techniques and important methods, in which longstanding PRS experts train other insurance professionals with hands-on workshops. Since the year 2015 many enthusiastic experts and rookies from the insurance and reinsurance industry were able to enhance their knowledge by attending one or more of Prime Re Academy's workshops.

We invite you to read the feedback from participants who attended our previous workshops on the following topics:

  • Economic Scenario Generators
  • Reinsurance Pricing and Structuring
  • Modelling Dependencies
  • Risk, Capital and Solvency Modelling - an ORSA Perspective
  • The Standard Model of the Swiss Solvency Test
  • The Standard Formula of Solvency II
  • Reinsurance Underwriting

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