Financial and Technical Accounting

Your reliable team makes sure that the daily tasks run smoothly. Should an additional workload arise, through internal or external influences, the question of a temporary solution may evolve.

This situation can be triggered through a (re)insurance system change, a seasonal bottleneck, projects, additional reporting requirements or also due to sick-leave or an accident. In all these cases, PRS is in a position to “bridge the gap” on a short or long-term basis by supporting your Financial and Technical Accounting team.

PRS has seasoned experience with establishing (re)insurance entities in Switzerland. Our financial accounting experts support new entities with the entire financial set-up, starting from opening bank accounts to advising on CH-GAAP matters. Additionally, our technical accountants deal efficiently  with all the daily (re)insurance accounting tasks.

In the event of a company merger or an acquisition, we are again ready to ”bridge the gap” in that PRS takes over the task of transforming a legacy system into an operation system.

However, our financial accountants can also support you in the daily operational duties. Whether it be in preparing the monthly, quarterly or yearly financial statements, supervise the audit or report to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). PRS’ technical accountants will take care of the (re)insurance accounts including cash-flow monitoring and reporting. For a complete overview of all the PRS Financial and Technical Accounting operations, please contact us directly.

Christoph Tschannen, Financial Accounting
Phone +41 41 725 32 11

John Epstein, Technical Accounting
Phone +41 41 725 32 10